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We are the place for vegetarian & vegan singles
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     88** Auen
  • Ruby04
     38*** Goslar Oker
  • Linchen
     81*** München
  • Heansa
     20**** Malmö
  • Silberstreif
     23*** Süsel
  • Maxpastor
     15*** La Molina
  • Fahrradfahrer
     70*** Stuttgart
  • TheDarkKnight
     90*** Nürnberg
  • VeggieKitsune
     73*** Schorndorf
  • DasLandei
     56*** Cochem
  • Roger
     58*** Hagen
  • P-I-T
     20** Oberthürnau

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  • Wonjana
     49** Huttwil
  • OrenZ
     10*** Berlin
  • Kaskareya
     95*** Hof
  • Alfonso
     80** Zürich
  • Sarah212
     84*** Postmünster
  • Lisa
     79*** Bad Krozingen
  • Sachte
     35*** Cölbe
  • NatureLove
     28*** Bremen
  • Christian
     40** Linz
  • Sebastian_Vegan
     59*** Hamm
  • Peter
     14*** Rathenow
  • isabelle3355
     80** Zürich

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Often, being vegan or vegetarian isn't just about nutrition. It's a way of life and a philosophy.

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With us you will find vegan and vegetarian people who share your lifestyle.

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No matter whether you are looking for new acquaintances, friendships or a partner, you will find it with us.

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You Me Veggie is the singles and dating community for all vegan singles & vegetarian singles. For chatting, flirting, dating - and, of course, falling in love!

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Easily find other vegan singles and vegetarian singles in your area – with our circumcircle search.

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You Me Veggie is the singles and dating community for vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians and all those interested in an ecological and ethical lifestyle. We are the vegan dating site and vegetarian dating site. But we are not only a vegetarian-vegan dating service, we are also a community for all veggies, no matter if you are a veggie single looking for a vegan date or a vegan partner or not. You can use your profile to indicate whether you are looking for a relationship, romance, or just new friends or like-minded veggies for leisure activities.

Living in harmony with nature and mindfulness for other creatures are not easy to achieve for modern individuals. Veganism and vegetarianism are relatively new trends in human history, which have only gained traction in recent decades. The people in our society who are committed to this way of life are becoming increasingly visible today. Living a vegetarian and especially vegan life also means taking a step towards a lifestyle in harmony with your environment and other lives.

With You Me Veggie you can find like-minded people. As a vegan single or vegetarian single, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to finding and choosing a partner with regard to your attitude to nature and animals. We are the veggie community that makes all of this possible for you.

Tell about yourself on your profile and what veganism or vegetarianism means to you personally. Use the search function to find vegans and vegetarians in your area who think the way you do. Meet like-minded people in veggie chat and find new friends, acquaintances, and maybe even your partner or the love of your life.

You Me Veggie is the vegetarian-vegan dating site for vegan singles & vegetarian singles looking for a partner. We are vegan dating and vegetarian dating. We are the veggie community that helps you to interact with other vegans and vegetarians. Our site is permanently free.

No matter which part of the world you are from or wherever your journey may lead to, we welcome everyone who strives for an ethical and ecological way of life in harmony with all living beings and the environment. Welcome to You Me Veggie!